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It’s a Man’s World Collection #1: 30548 words

A Guide to Handling Bitches in a Man’s World: 7537 words

Living With 100 Maids in a Man’s World: 10312 words

An Unlucky Patient in a Man’s World: 6185 words

Soccer in a Man’s World: 15470 words.

Confessions of a Ball Sleeve: 4132 words.



In a man’s world, how do female lawyers survive? By being extra slutty! A lucky man enjoys the devotion of hot, busty lawyers. (Read full story here)

Bare Bottom Challenge has become the most popular internet challenge, where a man would approach an unsuspecting woman and take her panties by force. Today, Nicki is the unwitting participant, and her trouble only just begins.

Amy is window shopping on a busy fashion street on an uneventful Sunday. Unbeknownst to her, she’s about to be targeted for Blind Birds Challenge ensuring her humiliation will be overwhelming and limitless.

After a mishap during an internet challenge, Judy finds herself falling further and further into the grasp of one devious Dr. Andrew Dickens.

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A billionaire’s life with his 100 gorgeous but desperate maids. His twisted daily practices and perverted games pitch his drooling maids against each other like Naked Sumo, Tug-of-Cunts, and much more. And the humiliating penalties for the losers.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 END

Are you tired of the bitches in your life? Are you tired of your nagging hag? Are you tired of that snobby minx looking down on you? Here is a simple guide on how to put those bitches in their rightful places.

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Every four years, the Champions Cup—a ceremonial match between the reigning Men’s and Women’s World Cup champions—is held to showcase the men’s complete dominance over the women, with rules heavily favoring the men’s team.

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Confessions about how a wife saved her marriage by being her husband’s Ball Sleeve.