Living With 100 Maids in a Man’s World: Chapter 1

A billionaire’s life with his 100 gorgeous but desperate maids. His twisted daily practices and perverted games pitch his drooling maids against each other like Naked Sumo, Tug-of-Cunts, and much more. And the humiliating penalties for the losers.

Author’s Notes: Story tags apply to the whole story, not each individual chapter.

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Introduction to a Man’s World

In the year 20XX, a strain of virus devastates half of the population and changes human genomes forever. The fertility rate drops in half. The female population outnumbers men by a factor of three. At birth, female babies outnumber male babies by a factor of five. On the other hand, the emerging male population is a perfect specimen of good-looks and virility.

To recover the world population, drastic measures are implemented. Babies, from the moment they are born, are separated from their parents, raised, and completely sponsored by government-appointed institutions in secluded areas in order for the adults to focus on reproduction.

The scarcity and importance of the male population skyrocket men into first-class citizens and laws are changed to reflect that standard. All sexual crimes against women are abolished and polygamy is the norm. All contraception methods are banned.

To increase the copulation rate, Morality Laws have come into effect. Women are banned from wearing pants and shorts for ease of public intercourse. In the summer or when the temperature reaches a certain threshold, women must wear short skirts or dresses no longer than their buttocks. Cleanly shaven from the neck down and wearing panties are compulsory for women in public. Violating the Morality Laws will be severely punished.

The fingerprint recognition system is deemed archaic and replaced by the genital prints recognition system that is linked to every facet of a person’s life. Paying and authorizing by scanning the genitals has become increasingly popular. Genitals prints have replaced handwritten signatures and fingerprints.

As time goes by, an abundance of new customs and etiquettes seeks to empower and glorify men. Obeying and serving men are women’s sole purpose and greatest honor in life.


Chapter 1

A black Porsche 959 weaves through the idyllic coastline. Salty breezes blow through the open windows, brushing Derek’s clean-shaven cheeks, trying in vain to budge his perfectly neat, slicked-back hair. He loosens his tie, one hand casually on his steering wheel, his fingers drumming.

Soon, he arrives at a Mediterranean mansion, leaping directly from an old master’s canvas except for endless lines of maids greeting him on the pathway. Two maids nearest to the gate lift their knee-length dresses above their waists and impale themselves on sleek handles in the shape of his glorious manhood. Their bare breasts sway in the air as they steadily clench their vaginas and pull the gate open. Their minds are full of fantasies about the pleasure only he can dispense.

He pulls his car over and tosses his key to one of his many security guards patrolling outside. No man but him steps foot inside his mansion. He walks to a gorgeous blonde proudly displaying her coin pendant inscribed with a number one. The pendant dangles on her leather collar signifying her prestigious position as the head maid. Her naked, bountiful bosom sticks out of her black and white dress as she lowers her eyes and lifts the hem of her dress to curtsy, showing off her bare pussy in the process. Her bare, heavy belly is great with child. “Welcome home, master.”

He flashes her a warm smile and lifts her chin.

“I’ve arranged the new sluts to greet you first, master.” The head maid glances left and right at the maids standing at the top of the lines. The large numbers on their collars indicate their juniority. The higher ranking maids have smaller numbers on their pendants.

“Good cunt.” He smirks, stepping to the only maid with three digits on her pendant.

“Wel-welcome home, master.” The young maid instantly blushes and stutters. Her trembling hands pull up her dress before allowing a gentle stream of urine hitting the ground.

He nods and saunters to the mansion between two lines of maids as they greets him with golden salutes. They keep their legs spread, their dresses above their waists, and produce a yellow water fountain show to welcome him home. “You’ve trained them well.”

The head maid beams, trailing behind him. “It’s my pleasure, master.”

All of his maids are trained to urinate standing. In the communal restroom, there are dozens of poles modeled from his manhood where they impale their pussies while eliminating their bladders.

He runs his right hand along the perfectly lined up breasts, tickling the erect nipples until he reaches the porch. Ten of his maids, who are already waiting for him, curtsy. Six of them wear his robes and serve as his personal clothes hangers while the rest rushes to his side. Two maids gently take off his tailored suit.

One maid with a black stamp in the shape of a toilet bowl on her cheek kneels in front of him. Every day, two maids are assigned toilet duties who follow him around and tend to his bodily functions. Their cheeks are stamped to differentiate them from the rest.

The toilet maid undresses him with her teeth. Her mouth eagerly envelops his enormous shaft. As soon as his pants are off, another toilet maid kneels behind him to spread his asscheeks and rim his anus.

In his naked glory, he unleashes a torrent of urine down his maid’s throat without a warning while contemplating his wardrobe. His well-trained toilet maid gleefully receives his waste, not spilling a drop in the process. Her hands steadily hold up her boobs to cushion his heavy balls.

He nods at a maid wearing his dark tessellation robe. The lucky clothes hanger beams as two maids strip her naked and put the robe on his person. While completely nude, she makes a beeline to his feet and prostrates with her forehead on the marble floor and her buttocks presenting to him. Her drooling, rosy labia gasps as she waits for her reward.

He grins, his prick still in the warm embrace of his toilet maid’s mouth with a soft tongue in his rectum. His heel lands squarely on her pussy. “Good pick.”

She trembles, tears brimming her eyes from the residual pleasure of his kick. “Thank you for rewarding my pathetic cunt with your glorious foot, master.”

“Good cunt.” In his loose-fitting robe, he smirks, shoves his toilet maids aside, and walks away.


A ball of fire sinks past the fluttering waves, dousing the space in an orange hue. On his spacious balcony with an unobstructed view of the ocean, he sits in his bamboo woven chair, but instead of pillows, his head lies on his maid’s bare, supple breasts. On his left, a maid curls up upside down on a wooden cart, her hands holding her spread legs, a long stem of a giant cocktail glass inserted deep in her tender cavern. She grits her teeth, remaining as still as possible, steadily holding the refreshing margarita with her vagina. At his feet, two maids kneel in front of him, their bosom caressing his legs, their erect nipples brushing along his shin, their lips kissing his flaccid shaft.

He snaps his fingers and a maid carefully wheels his drink over. She gently pulls up the stem of his cocktail until the drink reaches his lips. The gasps from the suffering maid beneath her are irrelevant. He slightly tilts his head and takes a small sip as he relishes the beautiful scene unfolding. With the sunset as a backdrop, a dozen of his newly recruited maids prostrate in line next to each other, their exposed butts and vulvas facing him. Each maid is accompanied by another maid standing and bending over her. Juices drip from pussies to pussies before pooling on the floor. Their numbers are painted in pink on their right buttcheek. Together, they build a two-level tower of plum booties and wet twats.

To him, a slut is only as good as her cunt. He wouldn’t have a perfectly good, tight cunt ruined by her face. His eyes twinkle, zeroing in on his targets. “Eighty-Eight. Ninety-Seven.”

The two lucky maids bob their rears as an acknowledgment and crawl backward to his feet. But behind him, his head maid frowns. “Spread your cunts. Show master respect.”

“Sorry, master.” The maids quickly widen their legs to their limit, parting their pussy lips in the process.

His kneeling maids reluctantly move away from his cock, allowing the new sluts some space. But to their surprise, upon reaching him, he only plunges his big toes into their fresh pussies. He points at his feet and his kneeling maids instantly lower their heads to serve as his footstools. Now, in the prime state for a good fuck, he smiles at the wettest cunt he has ever seen. Her pink slit is positively gleaming in the sunlight. Her juice is raining down on her fellow maid. “Eighty-Two.”

Eighty-Two’s heart leaps out of her chest. She suppresses her joy, bobs her rear, and walks backward with her trembling fingers spreading her labia. She has only one chance at a first impression. Twenty maids are sacked at the end of the month, mostly newcomers like her, unless they get promoted to smaller digits.

“Massage my cock with your cunt.”

“Yes, master.” Eighty-Two carefully slides her soaking-wet, puffy vulva from the base of his rod to his huge tip. She shakes her pussy from side to side on his crown, utilizing her sobbing labia and her curvy butt to entice him. His cock soon rises, growing rapidly until the rigid pole oozes white pre-cum. His toes curl, his big toe pressing on his maids’ sensitive spots. Their wanton moans rise and fill the air.

He glances down at the maids tending to his toes. “You two hump my feet.”

“Thank you, master!” They rejoice, hastily placing his feet between their legs, rubbing their clits on his forefeet. The hardened beans are like bouncy beads brushing his skin.

He smacks Eighty-Two’s right buttcheek and commands. “Milk my cock.”

“Thank you, master!” Ever since he graced the cover of Alpha magazine, she has been dreaming of his thick, veiny third leg. During three months of rigorous basic training, his cock consumes her thought and drives her forward. Finally, her dream comes true. She gets to receive his precious semen. She cradles his slick pole, placing the tip on her pussy. With one harsh push, she impales herself completely. His mighty bat batters her cervix, sending shockwaves across her body, and frying her brain. Her eyes roll to the back of her head as her vagina clamps down on his pole. A jet of warm liquid shoots on the floor. Drowning in pleasure, she screams. “Cumming, master! Please bless me! Please bless my cunt!”

“Very well.” He grins ear to ear. Even in a world of plentiful sluts, it’s rare to find one so eager to pleasure him that merely inserting his cock makes her squirt. He grabs her hip and crushes her vagina. He hammers her until his semen gushes out of his balls, flooding her canal. At the same time, the maids at his feet also squirt. Their juices cover his feet and splatter on his footstands. The footstand maids are green with envy when the new whores’ juices drip down their cheeks.

Panting heavily, Eighty-Two sits on his lap with his manhood still buried inside. “Th-thank you for blessing my naughty cunt, master.”

He grips her chin and examines her face. Blowing her breaths on her cheeks, he nods. “You earn a place on my bed.”

“Thank you, master! I won’t disappoint you!” Eighty-Two blushes, savoring his manly breaths. Her eyes are beyond bright. Only a few maids get to serve him in bed which he handpicks every day. It’s a privilege and a good sign for her promotion.

He shifts his focus to his head maid. Despite her pussy hidden behind her knee-length dress, he can smell her desperate cunt from here. She has been with him the longest and is in charge of his maids. To reward her for finding him such a good cunt, he waves her over and smirks. “Eat my cum.”

“Thank you, master. You’re too kind.” The head maid makes a beeline to Eighty-Two and slowly squats down between her legs. Milk oozes from her swollen nipples. Her pregnant belly seems extra bloated. She lifts her dress and exposes her bare cunt for his entertainment as Eighty-Two longingly removes herself from his sword to stand up and places her twat on her boss’s lips.

Eighty-Two moans when the head maid cups her entire entrance with her soft lips. She spreads her labia and expels his semen down her throat which her boss skillfully swallows without wasting a drop.

“Remember how you met me, bitch.”

Without directly addressing anyone, the head maid knows he’s talking to her. In the midst of lapping up his lingering cum, she says, “Yes, master. Thank you for allowing this foolish cunt to atone for her sins.”

He grins ear to ear. She used to operate a rival firm, going against him head-to-head on every endeavor. But after a brutal hostile takeover, he bought out her firm and her person. It took him a while to tame her stubborn head. From the first day, he makes a point to never fuck her pussy or ass. Only her mouth knows the taste of his cock, however sparingly.

He made her hump his flaccid dick, brushing her clit on his meaty pole, keeping her climaxing again and again until she was both emotionally and physically exhausted. All the while knowing that she’ll never be worthy enough to receive his cock. Once she was broken completely, he made her dig out his semen from the other sluts and wash her pussy with his cum. Eventually, he allows her to shove his sperm in her vagina and get pregnant. She is a bitch, but she is a smart bitch, worthy of bearing his children. He would never allow stupid whores to stain his bloodline. He plans to keep her heavy with his kids year-round. His gaze lands on her round belly where his fifth child resides.

Rearing children isn’t a part of her duty. He has specialists for that. His offspring live far away from his home with carefully selected caretakers. Her main duty is preparing cunts after cunts for him to fuck, listening to their wanton moans and praises for his mighty cock without ever experiencing herself. He never spares her a glance when he slams balls deep inside those whores. All she gets is either a good view of his balls slapping clits or tits bouncing in the air. A fitting punishment for the one bitch who dared to defy him.

(To be continued)

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