Living With 100 Maids in a Man’s World: Chapter 6

Derek wakes up to a fiery redhead straddling his hip and desperately humping his rock-hard sword. He readies for his morning routine and daily Sluts Fishing.

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Chapter 6

“Morning, master!”

He wakes up to a fiery redhead straddling his hip and desperately humping his rock-hard sword. Through the windows, sunlight pours into the room and illuminates the number ninety nine on her collar. He inhales the fresh scent of a horny minx. The corner of his lips curls up. “Morning, slut.”

One hand kneads her breast, and the other fondles her clit for any hint of release. Her soaking-wet folds rapidly circle the tip of his prick. “Please fuck me, master! I humbly beg for your mighty cock!”

He grins. “You may.”

“Thank you! Thank you, master!” She beams, her heart bursting with joy as she impales herself on his hefty pole. “Your cock is kissing my uterus, master!”

He pulls his milk maid closer by her breasts and sucks both of her teats for his morning drink. Sweet and warm milk seeps into his mouth, gently waking up his senses. Meanwhile, Ninety-Nine is hard at work on his prick. Every time she rams down his rod, she cries. “Master, I’m kissing your cock! My cervix is French kissing your cock!”

He spits the tits out of his mouth, grips Ninety-Nine’s waist, and violently thrusts back. He growls and violently batters her uterus. It is too much for her to bear. Soon, she screams and squirts all over him. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming, master! Right on your cock, master!”

He grits his teeth and grunts. His cum floods her inside as she collapses on his chest. His scrotum keeps contracting and pumping her vagina full of his seed.

She rubs her bulging belly and catches her breath under the piercing glare of her sister maids. “Th-thank you. Thank you so much, master.”

He smiles and squeezes her boob in return. As soon as he gets out of bed, a team of his morning maids is already waiting for him. His toilet maid rushes to his prick just in time to catch his morning urine. From behind him, another toilet maid sucks the sweat collecting on his ballsacks.

Ninety-Nine expels his fresh semen in a bowl for brushing his pregnant head maid’s pussy as she stands by his side and struggles to read his schedule. Ninety-Nine dips a small, thin rod in his cum and churns his mare’s inner walls. Then, Ninety-Nine brushes his mare’s vulvas with the remaining ejaculation. Semen is nutritious nectar that helps with childbirth and promotes milk production, especially the first morning cum. He can hear his head maid’s heavy breathing as she strives her best not to climax and waste his precious seed.

As he brushes his teeth, a morning maid holds a porcelain spittoon beneath him to catch any spillage. Once he’s done, another morning maid feeds him fresh water from her mouth. Then, he rinses his own mouth and spits into the spittoon. At long last, he is fully awake.


He starts his day with a morning swim, a couple of laps around his pool with nothing between him and the water. The moment he exits the pool, two maids rush to him. They eagerly warm his prick and balls in their mouths as two other maids dry him with a large towel. He relaxes on his deckchair and has his breakfast with a glass of special juice. Countless grapes are stuffed inside five different maids’ pussies before marble dildos crushing and squeezing the juice out of them.

“Not bad.” He grins and enjoys the live entertainment unfolding.

Five of his best swimmers don scantily clad bikinis that barely cover their nipples and clits. A bucket full of plastic golf balls is dumped into the pool. The swimmers must dive and stuff their vaginas with as many balls as possible within five minutes. The one who can pop the most plastic golf balls from her pussy wins.

The crystal clear pool distorts the beautiful images of curvy bodies. The sounds of water thrashing are music to his ear. His eyes glint in the faint morning sunlight. He walks to the edge of the pools and squats down. His flaccid and heavy rod dangles over the water like a tantalizing fruit. Occasionally, he bobs and dabs his glans in the pool. Soon, one of his swimmers surfaces. Her face snuggles up against his prick with her puppy dog eyes begging him. “Please, master. Please let me suck your cock.”

He grins ear to ear. “You may.”

Rejoiced, she enthusiastically takes his fat crown in her mouth and sucks with all her might. He smirks triumphantly, shoving her down his length, holding her still. “Do you know what this is?”

She flutters her eyelids innocently at him, confused.

He belts out a long belly laugh before grinning. He pulls her tit out of the bikini top and flicks her erect nipple. “Sluts fishing.”

Her eyes widen. There is nothing more enticing to a slut than a cock. A slut will jump at any chance to have a taste even though she knows that she’ll lose. And like a dump fish, she took the bait.

“Time’s up.” He smirks and pushes her off his manhood as the rest of his swimmers resurface. Then, he kicks his feet up on his deckchair at the poolside and enjoys a blowjob by one of his morning maids. There is nothing quite like watching ample boobs and booties ripple. A copious amount of water drips down their taut skins, lingering on tits and pussies. Their puffy cunts strain from laying round balls like farmed chickens. And, of course, the poor girl, who got baited by him, has the least.

He walks to the euphoric winner and shoots his cum on the floor. “Come and get your reward.” The girl enthusiastically drops down on her knees and licks his semen. While she’s busy eating his seed, he places his foot on her head and presses her face flat on the tiles. “Tasty?”

“Yes, master,” the winner mutters, her voice muffled by the ground. His cum smears her cheek. “I’m so blessed to taste your precious cum, master.”

“Good cunt.” He turns and motions the poor girl he baited earlier to lie on her back. He folds her body upside down with her pussy in the air and her hands holding her thighs. He places a golf ball in her entrance and uses his fat crown to push it in. He doesn’t stop until he tightly packs every inch of her vagina. He smirks. “Keep my balls warm for the day.”

“Yes, master.” She sobs, squeezing her inner walls as the slippery balls roll randomly inside her.


His team of morning maids take pride in dressing him up. As he stands naked in the dressing room, they use their lips to worship every inch of his exposed skin while he picks his outfit. They pay special attention to his prick and testicles by French kissing every nook and cranny of his genitals. Their tongues dig deep into every wrinkle.

His cock maid—one maid, who is assigned to serving his manhood, slowly pulls up his underwear and makes sure his entire package is comfortable. Then, she traces the outline of his shaft with her lips, paying his cock her undivided attention. With his pants, she does the same thing, only to his crotch after fastening the zipper with her teeth.

Now properly dressed, he gives his morning maids their special rewards for their excellency. He meticulously rubs each of their faces with his crotch. With their noses buried in his loins, they blissfully say, “Thank you, master!”

Then, he heads out with his head maid in tow. On the pathway to the gate, his maids line up on all four on either side. Their bellies are inflated with water and corked up by plugs in their vagina. Their cunts face the pathway, ready to greet their master.

His head maid kneels before him and tenderly kisses his crotch. “Have a nice day, master.”

He grins and presses her face against his clothed loins. “Miss my cock?”

“Desperately, master.”

“Too bad.” Grinning, he grabs her hair and makes her look up at him. To her surprise, he spits on her face and walks away.

“Have a nice day, master!” As he makes his way to the door, the maids unplug and salute with streams of water shooting from their pussies like a perverted human water fountain show.

If he turns around, he’ll catch his head maid wantonly scooping up his saliva and licking his spit on her fingers.

(The end)

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