A Wife’s Descent in a Man’s World


It is a wedding anniversary Susan will never forget—the beginning of her complete descent. A cuckquean’s humiliation.



This book contains explicit stories and themes for mature audiences. Stories revolve around the complete humiliation of women, including sex slaves, water sports, verbal and public humiliation, master-slave relationships, spanking, and genital slapping.

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Words: 12454

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Susan has been married to the man of her dream for a decade. For their tenth wedding anniversary, she spends hours in the makeup chair and repairs a fancy meal to surprise her husband, but little does she know that her husband has an even bigger surprise for her. It’s a wedding anniversary she will never forget—the beginning of her complete descent.

Hight lights:

Susan slams the door open to see her husband—still fully dressed in his suit plowing his secretary from behind. The naked secretary is kneeling on the mahogany desk, thrusting back with equal ferocity.


Divorce is a terrifying prospect for married women. When a woman is married, her properties are transferred to her husband. Thus, when she gets divorced, she is left with nothing and entirely dependent on her ex-husband’s generosity. More often than not, a recent female divorcee is stripped naked and tossed onto the street, where she will be promptly arrested for violating morality laws with an aggravating factor of contempt. Because the crime is committed in front of a court which can be misconstrued as an insult to the court of law. On the bright side, at least, she will be provided for in jail.


Susan never imagined that she would get divorced and taken as a slave by the same man on the same day. In the gallery of a Slave Court, waiting for their turn, she’s kneeling between her future master and former husband’s legs as he’s relaxing on a chair.


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