Soccer in a Man’s World: Men vs Women Chapter 4

Gentlemen and whores, these sluts before you have delivered a pathetic performance, unworthy of their profession. The Red Phoenix has conceded fifteen unanswered goals. And now they must suffer for their complete failures as players and whores.

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Chapter 4: Men vs Women: Closing Ceremony


In the press box, Jay Richardson stands up and announces with his dick between two plump mouths. “The referee blows his whistle and ends the bloodbath at Haynes Stadium. Cheer pours down the players. The whores sink to their knees in utter defeat. The final scoreline is Blue Devil fifteen and Red Phoenix nil. The whores have yet again failed to produce even one consolation goal for twenty straight times. The turning point was Alyssa’s red card. Wendy proved to be a hopeless goalie, her hands constantly clutching her cunt rather than protecting her goal. The top scorer is Ron Ramsey, who has bagged eight goals all by himself, including a marvelous goal with his cock. The other two forwards, Jack Gordon and Martin White, contributed four beautiful goals between themselves. Now the officials are hosing the whores clean and getting them ready for the closing ceremony. I will also be doing a little hosing myself.” He winks and floods the stomach of his co-host, Harriet, with his urine.


The starting eleven of the Red Phoenix stand side by side with the yellow and red cards removed from their clits. The referees have ripped their thongs off of their bottoms and tossed them to the stand in the ringing cheer of the entire stadium, with the exception of Alyssa, whose panties are still lodged inside her somewhere. The lucky fans dive for the trophies and celebrate with their friends, swinging the flimsy underwear around for all to see. The camera constantly zooms in between the fans and the owners of each thong. Their faces are plastered all over the giant LED screen, which guarantees a free round at the local pub.

Eleven girls pull their skirts up above their waists and grit their teeth while referees and the bench of the Blue Devils hose them down like farm animals. Next, each girl has to pee standing up into a clear plastic bucket to empty their bladders. Then, they squeeze an entire water bottle into each of their vaginas, cleansing their insides. The resulting filth collected in the buckets is given to the bench players of the Red Phoenix to drink as punishment for losing the match, even though they haven’t played a single minute.

The Red Phoenix’s starters are lining up on their hands and knees, ready for their ultimate punishment, when the referee kicks Alyssa’s backside and smirks. “Don’t you have anything to say to your teammates? It’s your fault they suffered a devastating defeat.”

Alyssa sits back on her knees and turns to her teammates, her huge clit flopping on the grass. “Ah, yes, sir. I’m sorry—”

The referee scoffs, his boot caressing the extra appendage on her vulva. “Why don’t you show some sincerity and lubricate their pussies with your spare meat?”

Alyssa’s eyes widen in realization of what he’s asking. Her hands tremble as she crawls to her nearest teammate and inserts her thumb-size clit into their passages. While her hips pound her friends’ genitals, she recites a mantra. “I’m sorry. Forgive me. Forgive me.”

Only when Alyssa has sprayed her juice inside her teammate does she allow herself to rest. But not for long.

The referee kicks her bottom and urges. “Hurry up. I don’t have all day.”

By the time Alyssa has fucked and cummed onto all of her teammates, she is completely wiped, panting breathlessly, and laying still on the ground. Her makeshift cock flushes red, throbbing against her stomach.


The referee narrates, explaining the reasons and process of the retribution. “Gentlemen and whores, these sluts before you have delivered a pathetic performance, unworthy of their profession. The Red Phoenix has conceded fifteen unanswered goals. And now they must suffer for their complete failures as players and whores. Therefore, these eleven extinguished gentlemen of the Blue Devil will be executing fifteen kicks against these shameful cunts. Gentlemen, take your place.”

“Yes, sir!” Each male player readies their stance behind a female player of their choosing. The pairings are identical to the milking pairs during halftime, with forwards against defenders and midfielders against midfielders.

“Start!” The referee hollers. The laces of the boots strike the scarlet and pump mounds, crushing the painfully engorged pearls.

“I apologize for my shameful performance! My filthy cunt is no match for your magnificent cock!” The girls bellow in agony and claw at the grass, their fingers digging into the dirt. Pain and pleasure turn their brains into mush, but one has it worse than the rest of them combined. Alyssa crumbles instantly after the first kick. Urine explodes from her bladder, even though she has just peed. The bigger her clit the more pain she experiences.

Nonetheless, Ron isn’t a tiny bit deterred. He hoists her up and kicks her even harder next time in wicked delight until her genitals turn into a battered mess. The laces of his boot forever imprint on her labia and clit.


After teaching the pathetic cunts with their feet, the men stand back and let Ron Ramsey—the Cock of the Match get the first dip of the spoil. Ron scans the line of swollen, raw, and sopping pussies in front of him. He stops and frowns at Wendy’s flesh flopping out of her vagina. His boot flicks her prolapsed flaps. “Look at your handiwork, Toni.”

Laughter rings across the stadium while Toni simply poses and flexes his humongous third leg.

“Please bless me with your babies, sir.” Wendy beams, hoping for some relief from Toni’s massive trunk.

“Hell no. I’m not bestowing my seed in your broken hole.” Ron scoffs, leaving Wendy in an existential crisis. No other man would want a ruined pussy like hers.

Then, Ron sinks his rod into the captain, Morgana, whom he hasn’t tasted yet during the game. He sighs, his cells tingling. The sensation of an abused twat is drastically different. Pumped, scorching, and impossibly tight from all the swelling.

“Thank you for gracing my cunt, sir!” Morgana screams. It’s an honor to be picked first by the Cock of the Match. The mightiest goal scorer.

The stadium counts each of his thrusts. After the tenth thrust, he must switch to another hole, and the fans would place bets on whose vagina he would cream. The ultimate honor falls on the defender—Rachel as she howls in joy. “Thank you for blessing me with your cum, sir! I’ll give birth to your babies!”

Then, the announcer reads the names of fans who bet on Rachel. “These gentlemen mentioned above, please stay back after the ceremony and receive your rewards. Whores, remember to crawl to the pitch; otherwise, your rewards may be revoked.”


The celebration begins with everyone from the Blue Devil’s joining in the fun while the bench players from both teams smash their junk together. Each of the starters picks a snatch they like and starts pummeling, except for Toni, who doesn’t have many choices. He whispers in Wendy’s ear, stretching her farther and farther. “See. This is your life now.”

Tears brim Wendy’s eyes as she claws at Toni’s muscular back. Her deformed genitals feel so much better with his pole churning inside.

After a good ten minutes of nonstop plowing, Ron announces. His eyes positively glow in wicked glee. “Balls in, brother!”

“Yes, captain!” Ron and his teammates collectively shove their entire nutsack inside the tight twat beneath them while their sluts writhe and bellow in agony.

“NO! AH! NO!” Desperate screams echo in the air.

Fortunately, Wendy grabs Toni’s wrist and stops him just in time. Her snatch is already at its limit. She pleads profusely, tears flooding her eyes. “Spare my life, sir! I’ll die! I’ll really die!”

Toni spits in her face. “Why should I care?”

“Please, sir! I’ll do anything! I’ll be your cock sleeve for the rest of my life!”

“I have dozens of cock sleeves at home. Why would I need you?” Toni grins ear to ear and keeps pounding.

Wendy glances at her suffering teammates. The sheer volume of a penis and two testicles alone is enough to tear them apart. An idea pops into her head. She babbles, “I’ll be your ball sleeve, sir! I’ll store your balls all day, all night!”

“Ball sleeve?” Toni frowns, pondering.

Wendy lights up when Toni considers her proposal. “Yes! My pussy will warm your balls. I’ll keep them slick and snug all winter long.”

Toni tilts his head to the side. “I haven’t had a ball sleeve before. Very well then.”

“Thank you, sir! Thank you!” Wendy rejoices, crying, clutching his muscular arms. She gets to live another day.

“Savor this moment, bitch! My cock will never touch your cunt again. Your cunt will be the exclusive property for my balls.” Toni resumes smashing her inside with his holy totem as realization dawns on Wendy. She both loves and hates his prick, but the thought of never being fucked by his dick again shatters her heart.


After copulation, a few players take interviews with the press. Alyssa stands in front of a backdrop filled with sponsor logos. Her kit is soaking wet, almost see-through. Her erect nipples are clearly visible beneath her jersey. The only relatively dry clothes she has is a pair of Ron’s dirty game shorts on her head with her face poking out of the air hole. Her belly sags like a six-month pregnant woman with white goo dripping between her legs. Her knees shake like a leaf. Her clit expands like a small balloon, still throbbing. Microphones point directly at her gaping pussy, which doesn’t require her fingers to spread anymore. The people only care what’s coming out of her twat.

A reporter asks her pussy, “What do you have to say about your performance?”

“I-I pl-played poorly and c-cost my team many goals…” Alyssa’s face turns bright red as she hungrily huffs Ron’s lingering musk surrounding her.

“Do you look forward to a rematch?”

“Yes! I’d love Ron’s cock inside me … I mean … competing with Ron again.” Alyssa slabbers, drooling at the thought of reuniting with Ron’s wonderful appendage. “He’s an amazing cock, I mean, player!”

Meanwhile, the rest of the teams perform fan service for two long queues of upstanding gentlemen and crawling sluts. The rewards are different for each gender. The male fans get their cocks covered in lipstick and kisses, together with selfies. They get pussy prints of their favorite athletes and their breast signatures, where the girls sign their names with their nipples. The female fans get to kiss and pose with the players’ penises. If they’re very lucky, they may get some bodily fluid on and/or in their bodies.

Finally, the players head back to the tunnel in a different order than when they entered. The female players crawl in front of the male players on their hands and knees with heavy pricks on their bums. Their heads wear the filthy shorts of their opponents. However, there is one exception.

Toni beams, tapping his testicles on Wendy’s plump butts. “You’re my ball sleeve, aren’t you? Better get acquainted with my balls then.”

“Y-yes, sir.” Wendy mutters. With Toni’s shorts covering her sight, she has to search blindly for his hefty nutsack. She inhales deeply, and her nostrils are instantly swarmed with his scent. Bracing herself, she slowly slips his balls inside her canal. She moans under her breath; the sheer girth almost breaks her. She clenches her jaw and shoves each ball in one by one. The sack stretches her vulva to the brim, filling her with a feeling of fullness. Her blood tingles with a warm glow. A sense of completion envelopes her heart as her hanging pussy meat perfectly cradles his testes.

Toni grins in approval, enjoying the toasty hug around his nuts. He has made the right choice. Wendy grits her teeth and crawls, while Toni makes little effort to move. She has to drag him around using the muscles in her vagina.

“Be careful. Don’t drop my balls.” Toni smirks and stops suddenly. The jolt almost causes his scrotum to almost slide out of her twat.

“Y-yes, sir!” Wendy sobs softly, clenching her walls even tighter.


Jay Richardson waves the audience goodbye with two naked world-class athletes on either side. Both sluts possess stupid grins on their faces. Their stomachs are the size of a beach ball. One is pregnant with a urine baby. One is pregnant with a milk baby, which her rival has carefully knocked her up by sticking nipples into her pussy. “That’s it for today, whores and gentlemen. See you next time!”

(The End)

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