Living With 100 Maids in a Man’s World: Chapter 4

Round two of Naked Sumo. The second round resumes with a furious champion dead set on winning and a cocky rookie high on the cloud.

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Chapter 4

The second round resumes with a furious champion dead set on winning and a cocky rookie high on the cloud. The salty taste of Ninety-Eight lingering on her lips and the naughty scent filling her nostrils doesn’t help. The champion baits Ninety-Eight with a low uppercut aiming for her clit. When Ninety-Eight reaches out to grab her wrist like last time, the champion strikes her right tit from above and shoves her down. Ninety-Eight staggers but manages to stay on her feet. While Ninety-Eight is distracted, the champion resumes the uppercut. The heel of her hand hits squarely on the newbie’s clit and sends her already horny bean over the top. As a result of the rookie going overboard with the punishment earlier, her reddened cunt is ripe for the taking. Any stimulation is maximized.

Ninety-Eight squeezes her trembling legs together, trying to fight back the tidal waves of pleasure drowning her. Her hands cover her mound, but she makes a fatal mistake. However, a shielded pussy doesn’t mean the blows won’t affect her.

The champion smirks and rapidly strikes the heels of her palms on the covered twat. Cunt juice gushes out between Ninety-Eight’s fingers as her eyes roll back in her head.

The enforcers immediately notice. “Squirt! Ten wins!”

As soon as the winner is announced, the champion smiles smugly. With her legs on Ninety-Eight’s boob, she shoves her down on the floor. Once Ninety-Eight lies helplessly on the cold tiles with tears brimming, she drags her toward the platform by her leg to give her master a good view. She spreads Ninety-Eight’s knees wide open and places her foot on Ninety-Eight’s bulging belly.

“May I, master?”

“You may.”

Grinning, she cruelly pushes her feet down until the balloon inside Ninety-Eight pops and releases half a gallon of milk from her opponent’s vagina. A sight to behold when a dam of white breaks past Ninety-Eight’s puffy pussy lips and gushes out. Milky aroma mixing skanky stinks overwhelms the entire room.

Ninety-Eight squirms desperately, but the champion’s steel foot keeps her in place while squeezing out every last droplet from her canal. After the last drop of milk trickles out, the still-undefeated champion straddles the poor girl’s face. Ninety-Eight’s eyes widen, realizing what’s about to happen when a torrent of white slams on her face. Ninety-Eight chokes on the milk with a violent coughing fit.

The champion doesn’t let up, clenching her powerful vagina, and raining white on her opponent’s face. Returning the favor earlier, she kneels over Ninety-Eight’s head, her milky vulva slapping Ninety-Eight’s face, periodically suffocating the rookie at approximately ten-second intervals. The pathetic rookie has no time to whimper, too busy catching her breath.

“Well done.” He nods, a rare simper blossoming on his lips. Then, he signals. “Bring her to me.”

“With pleasure, master.” The champion, aka Ten, beams and drags Ninety-Eight to the throne by her hair while ignoring her struggling up the steps. On all fours, Ninety-Eight looks pathetic with milk dripping down her features and chest. Upon reaching the throne, Ten roughly pulls up Ninety’s head by her hair and presents the loser to her master like a trophy. Ninety-Eight kneels, inches away from the man of her dream while knowing that her fate isn’t favorable.

He gently strokes the curly locks of the maid who is kneeling between his legs and engulfing his length. His foot sinks into Ninety-Eight’s twat and lifts her slightly. Her surprised gasp bubbles in his ears. “What’s your cunt good for?”

“Serve you, master.” Ninety-Eight holds her breath, her loins ablaze from his one simple touch. Even with Ten’s tight grip on her hair, all she can think about is how close her master is to her and his toes searing her vagina.

“What do you call a cunt that can barely hold half a gallon of milk?”

“Useless, master,” she mutters, her eyes downcast.

His toes pinch her engorged red bean as he dictates her unusual punishment. “From tomorrow, you’ll water my garden with your cunt. You’ll wake up at sunrise and have your cunt inflated like tonight. Then, you’ll squeeze out the water with your cunt over the plants. Understood?”

Her eyes glaze over, her breathing a mess. Her mind barely grasps her future predicament. “Crystal, master.”

He swiftly kicks her boobs and watches her stumble on the ground with twisted glee. “Clean up your mess.”

“Yes, master.”

As Ninety-Eight battles to get up on her knees and hands, he pushes the maid on his prick away with his foot and beckons Ten over to take her place. “Turn around. Sheath my cock.”

Ten is more than happy to comply and sinks her milky canal on his rod. She relishes every inch slowly impaling her. His massive girth stretches her hole and wears her womb like a hat. “Thank … thank you, master! My cunt misses your glorious cock! My cervix craves your big, fat mushroom head.”

He chuckles, slapping her buttock. “Greedy cunt.”

“I humbly apologize, master. Please punish me with your mighty sword.”

“That’s exactly what you want, slut.” He laughs and pushes her upper body down to clear his view. “Hold still.”

“Yes, master.” Ten inhales deeply, calming down her overly excited pussy, reminding herself that she lives to serve her master. She bends over deep, her hands almost touching her feet.

At the messy ring, Ninety-Eight has a short but bulky mop’s handle wedged inside her tender walls. The handle is attached with a dildo which is completely buried inside her. She has to squat down to clean, her hip and vagina manipulating the mop while her legs dragging the mop head on the floor. If she slows down for even a second, riding crops precisely rain down on her nipples and clit.

After soaking up a significant amount of liquid, she straddles the mop bucket and places the microfiber head in the spin chamber. She faces her master, his grin encouraging her. She twirls her teats and slowly pushes the mop down. The mop head spins violently to wrench out the milk. Meanwhile, the dildo rotates, hitting every inch of her canal. Her moans roar louder and louder, her whole tight cavern ferociously churned. Her cervix bears the full brunt of the spinning mushroom head when she sinks her hip down. By the third spin, she is wailing and squirting all over the floor, tears welling up in her eyes from sheer intense pleasure. Before she can recover, a riding crop whips her bulging clit for making a mess and sends her crumbling to the floor.

He takes a deep breath and grips Ten’s hip as his prick jerks inside her. The sight in front of him is sublime.

(To be continued)

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