Living With 100 Maids in a Man’s World: Chapter 5

For the last game before Derek retires for the night. He opts for a simple Tug-of-Cunts match, i. e., tug of war but with pussies.

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Chapter 5

For the last game before he retires for the night. With his prick still buried inside Ten’s cavern, he opts for a simple Tug-of-Cunts match and tells his head maid, “Pick the new girls.”

“Yes, master.” The head maid curtsies before walking along the great room and picking ten random new recruits.

The lucky maids crawl to the platform amid their peers’ envy. Prostrating, they spread their labia and present their drooling pussies to him.

After examining their perfectly rosy and sleek twats, he nods. “Begin.”

“Yes, master.” The maids are handed a thick rope with ten dildos attached. Three feet of rope separates two teams and two sets of five dildos. They insert the heavily lubricated dildos inside and take their positions. Since pulling the rope with their hands is illegal, one team keeps their hands on their tits while the other team keeps their hands on their mounds. Therefore, one team is called Tits and the other Cunts. The first team to pull their opponent over the centerline on the floor wins.

The enforcers carefully align the center mark on the rope with the centerline on the floor before signaling. “Start!”

On team Tits, fleshes ooze out of their fingers, their nails digging into their teammates’ flawless skins as their vaginas clamp down on the dildos and their legs strain from pulling. Meanwhile, team Cunts doesn’t fare any better. Fingers claw their clits and mounds, leaving stinging red marks on their most sensitive parts. A symphony of ears piercing roars and wails deafens the ears.

He grins, baring his pearly white tip. He grips Ten’s hip and slowly saws her pussy while his eyes glue to the game. His pupils dilate at the sweat rolling down his maids’ taut skins and lingering on their erect nipples before circling their crimson buds.

With all the sweat dripping on the floor, a member of team Cunts slips and takes her teammates down with her. But as a team, the penalty is shared. Two enforcers slather their dildos in ginger juice while the riding crops turn their teats and knobs painfully red. Merely inserting the dildos makes them sob. The harder they clench their vagina, the more excruciating they are, as if they are scorching their inside with piping hot steel rods. When one team openly weeps, the game doesn’t last long.

He bucks his hip just in time for team Tits to win. The other team is now lying atop of each other on the floor. Standing up, he hammers Ten from behind while signaling the winners to kneel in front of him. “Come.”

“Yes, master.” Team Tits hurriedly crawl up the steps, eager waiting for their rewards.

He pushes Ten off his rock-hard shaft and turns his attention to the five kneeling sluts. Ten bites her lips, looks on longingly, reminds herself to cherish the half an hour she’s got to monopolize his manhood.

“Stick your tongues out.” He watches his enthusiastic maids comply and pushes their heads closer until the tips of their tongues touch. He places his cock on the bed of soft and wet tongues and fires his hose. A blast of white explodes and covers three girls’ faces at the same time while splattering the other two. He grabs one of the two unluckier girls by her hair and sticks the tip of his prick in her mouth. Her greedy tongue makes quick work of the lingering cum. He chuckles and pulls her head off of his dick. “You’re not leaving any for your sisters?”

“Sorry, master. I couldn’t think straight with your magnificent cock in my mouth.” She smiles brightly, her eyes twinkle.

“Good answer.” He smirks and gets back to the other four maids, who are busy licking his semen off of the others’ faces without prompting. “Greedy cunts.”

“Sorry, master.”

He scoffs and places his fat crown in the other unlucky maid as the penalty begins. A long, lubricated rope is riddled with knots and placed between the five losers’ vulvas to spread their folds. They hold on to each other, their breasts squashed against their teammate’s back and spilling to the sides. Two enforcers hold either end and start pulling—sawing their pussies with a rope. The friction is brutal on their ginger-burnt pussy lips. When the knots sand their clits, they involuntarily howl and cry. He grins and waits until they can barely stand on their trembling legs. “Stop.”

“Th-th-thank you, master.” They growl as the enforcers let go of the rope and let it fall on the floor.

He casually steps over the winning maids and down the steps. The sniffling losers quickly compose themselves and prostrate in a straight line to present their abused twats to him. The pussy lips swell up like red, juicy cucumbers. He narrows his eyes and orders. “Ten.”

Ten speedily crawls to him and cradles his softened manhood in her hands. Then, she aims his heavy shaft at the dripping pussies. He exhales deeply, expelling his bladder. A steaming stream of urine ferociously hits the ginger-burnt vulvas, sparing none. The heat from his waste tenfolds their suffering. He narrows his eyes and frowns. “Spread your pussies.”

“S-s-sorry, m-m-master.” The losers stutter under gritted teeth. Their eyes are puffy, welling up with tears. They reach down and part their labia wide open. Their nostrils flare when his piss drips inside their vaginas and boils them from the inside. They sob, pressing their faces on the floor out of shame and desperation. The cool tiles feel nice on their heated skins. “Th-thank you for cleansing our filthy cunts.”

He smirks while Ten cleans his piss slit. He beckons the winning team over. “You five cleanse their hair.”

“Yes, master.” Each member of team Tits straddles a member of team Cunts and spreads her folds, waiting for his command.

“Squat down.” He frowns and monitors the scene while team Tits comply with his order. When their twats are about four inches above their opponents’ heads, he says, “Stop. Now start cleansing.”

“Yes, master!” Five torrents of hot urine hit and soak the losers’ glossy locks before dripping down their faces.

He sighs contentedly, stroking Ten’s hair. Five of his maids squat over their sister maids and douse their beautiful tresses in urine. This scene should be immortalized on canvas and hung in the museum.

“We’re done, master.” Still spreading their legs, team Tits announce.

“Bathe, then you can join me in my chamber.”

“Thank you, master!”

He saunters to the door with his head maid, toilet maids, and Ten in tow. On the way out, he picks up a few more maids to join him for the night, including Eighty-Two.


The maids bathe in a communal bathroom with a tub the size of a shallow swimming pool. First, they group in a group of two to three maids to practice bathing their master. Then, they slather their boobs and their nether regions with soap. Their melons wash the broader regions, such as the chest, belly, face, and back. Their nether parts are for the arm, leg, and their master’s cock. Finally, after the washing is over, they can rinse and relax in the tub.

At night, two maids are paired and sleep opposite each other with their pussies facing and their legs entwining. A double-ended dildo is inserted inside their twats until morning. During the night, every trip to the restroom is done together and with the dildo in place.

In the meantime, the maids who join him have a more interesting night.

He stands in his regal, enormous bathroom, surrounded by an entourage of naked maids. Eighty-Two kneels on her knees, washing his manhood with her soapy melons and a sweet smile. Two maids kneel behind him, their busty bosoms rubbing his legs. Two other maids stand on either side of him, each maid sliding her boobs along one of his arms while her soap-covered vulva washes his hand.

After rinsing, he joins his pregnant head maid in the giant hot tub where Ten is caring for her person. As his only pregnant mare, she is well taken care of by his maids. He soaks in the warm bath with his head maid stroking his chest while his champion straddling his stomach. His fingers trace along her toned abs. He asks Ten, “How many bouts have you won?”

“115, master.” She keeps her hands behind her head, giving him a full view of her bouncing bosom while she thrusts her hip back and forth to massage his belly with her pussy lips.

“You were named the strongest slut in the country. Correct?” It’s a prestigious competition to measure a whore strength in all categories, including their vaginas and tits.

“Twice, master. But my strength is no match for yours.” She can bench press four hundred pounds, but when her master whips out his majestic prick, her mind crumbles. All she wants to do is sink to her knees and worship him.

“Well said.” He grins, slapping her tits and twirling her clit.

“Th-thank you, master.” Her breathing labors, her eyes squeezing shut, her chest rapidly rising up and down.

His cruel fingers tease the mighty champion for twenty minutes straight. By the time he exits the bath, her knob has grown three sizes.


After an hour of returning emails and phone calls, he’s ready for bed. His naked maids untie his robe with her teeth before undressing him. All those serving him in his chamber must remain nude except for their collars. He lays his head on the lap of his busty milk maid. His hand squeezes her tit and shoots a jet of milk straight to his mouth. A perfect nightcap.

On his right, his mare snuggles against his arm. On his left, his champion sandwiches his arm between her melons while his hand rests on her vulva. Instead of socks, his feet are kept warm and toasty by a pair of pussies. His toes take turns sinking into their sleek entrances.

“Eight Two, take the first shift,” he says, remembering the wettest cunt from earlier.

“Thank you, master.” Eight Two settles between his legs and showers his softened manhood with kisses to express her gratitude.

“Know any songs?”

“Uhm … yes, master.” She looks up, uncertain.

“Sing to my cock.”

Even more confused than before, she kisses his big mushroom head to apologize for her ignorance. “My deepest apologies, master. This foolish cunt doesn’t understand.”

He chuckles and closes his eyes. “Take my cock in your mouth and start humming.”

“Yes, master!” Her cherry lips joyfully envelops his mushroom head, taking in as much of his fat prick as she can. A soft melody vibrates in her throat and straight to his cock.

He lets out a sigh of contentment, drifting off.

When he starts snoring, his maids’ true jobs for the night begin. Eighty-Two straddles and humping his flaccid manhood to coat the entire length in her love juice. After about an hour, her shift is over. One of the waiting maids on the floor rises and takes her place. So and so forth until their master rises.

(To be continued)

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