Slutty Lawyers in a Man’s World

In a man’s world, how do female lawyers survive? By being extra slutty! A lucky man enjoys the devotion of hot, busty lawyers. Clients are always right. On a sweltering day, James enters Slutty Law, and every woman is immediately at his beck and call. He is a god. His cock is a holy sword. His semen is precious nectar. His wishes are their commands.


Introduction to a Man’s World

In the year 20XX, a strain of virus devastates half of the population and changes human genomes forever. The fertility rate drops in half. The female population outnumbers men by a factor of three. At birth, female babies outnumber male babies by a factor of five. On the other hand, the emerging male population is a perfect specimen of good-looks and virility.

To recover the world population, drastic measures are implemented. Babies, from the moment they are born, are separated from their parents, raised, and completely sponsored by government-appointed institutions in secluded areas in order for the adults to focus on reproduction.

The scarcity and importance of the male population skyrocket men into first-class citizens and laws are changed to reflect that standard. All sexual crimes against women are abolished and polygamy is the norm. All contraception methods are banned.

To increase the copulation rate, Morality Laws have come into effect. Women are banned from wearing pants and shorts for ease of public intercourse. In the summer or when the temperature reaches a certain threshold, women must wear short skirts or dresses no longer than their buttocks. Cleanly shaven from the neck down and wearing panties are compulsory for women in public. Violating the Morality Laws will be severely punished.

The fingerprint recognition system is deemed archaic and replaced by the genital prints recognition system that is linked to every facet of a person’s life. Paying and authorizing by scanning the genitals has become increasingly popular. Genitals prints have replaced handwritten signatures and fingerprints.

As time goes by, an abundance of new customs and etiquettes seeks to empower and glorify men. Obeying and serving men are women’s sole purpose and greatest honor in life.


On a beautifully sunny day, James, in his best suit, arrives at a law firm to go over his contracts. He sighs in relief when the cool refreshing wind of the AC brushes against his skin. The sun is brutal today.

“Welcome, sir!” Ten greeting gals line up in two lines at the door, wearing short navy skirts, navy blazers, white blouses, and little navy bows in theme with the firm logo. Greeting gals is a common tactic to show hospitality and ensure clients of the business’s professionalism. With the brightest smile and perfect posture, they curtsy to him by bending their knees and lifting the hem of their skirt above their waist, exposing their dripping pussies in see-through mini thongs. Two lines of equally rosy and wet cunts are quite a sight to behold.

He smiles at the great feast for his eyes. The customer service here is impeccable as always.

It’s an unspoken understanding that the wetter the snatch, the greater the men so the gals masturbate to keep themselves aroused constantly. However, the sight of a man is usually enough for their naughty vulvas.

Noticing his sweat, a greeting gal with a charming smile and a pale blonde ponytail quickly presents him with a cool towel and asks, “May I, sir?”

He nods and lets her dab his temples. “I have an appointment with Veronica at ten.”

“Right this way, sir. Veronica has been waiting for you.” The gal leads him down the corridor to a corner office. She opens the door for him and curtsies.

As she’s about to leave, he pulls her closer by cupping the bottom of her drenched underwear. To thank the gal for her attentiveness, he yanks her thongs down and shoves two fingers into her vulva. She gasps and bites her lips; her hands grip the door frame to stand upright. He twirls his digits and pummels her tight canal until her eyes roll back, and pleasure explodes into a copious amount of juice on his palm.

With the utmost professionalism, while still hazy in a cloud of lust, she immediately drops down on her knees and carefully licks his hand clean. She looks up at him while kissing his crotch to show her gratefulness for his generosity. “Thank you, sir.”

She runs her tongue along his zipper one last time before leaving with a proud smile, much to Veronica and her assistants’ envy.

With his crotch covered in saliva, he enters the office and is greeted by Veronica and her two assistants, who have been standing there waiting for a good fifteen minutes during his little detour. From afar, he can spot the droplets of love juice drizzling on the tiles beneath them. In similar uniforms to the greeting gals, the two assistants curtsy to him.

“Welcome back, sir.” Veronica smiles, wearing a tight, black pencil skirt suit that barely covers her buttocks. Wearing such a tight skirt, Veronica couldn’t greet him by curtsying. Instead, she opts for a more intimate greeting which he suspects is her intention all along. Veronica kneels in front of him and kisses his crotch tenderly. Her lips trace along his manhood, senses its pulses and sweltering—a sign of good health and prosperity while ignoring the other woman’s stench. She looks up and smiles against his zipper. “You seem well, sir.”

He grins and presses her head against his tented crotch to show his approval. “You too, slut.”

“May I offer you a sip of fresh nectar?” Veronica smiles sweetly, her twat throbbing excitedly under her skirt. Fresh love juice is considered to be healthy and refreshing, especially on a hot summer day.

“Maybe another time.” He grins, relishing her carefully hidden disappointment. Toying with her would be the highlight of his day.

Veronica still maintains her bright expression and unzips his pants with her lips. “Shall we get started?”

He nods and lets Veronica free his monstrous rod. Immediately, the assistants rush to tend to his needs and cradle his prick with their soft hands. They guide him to an armchair opposite Veronica’s desk. He sits down as one assistant works her lips on his shaft and the other focuses exclusively on his heavy balls. The assistant’s tongue flickers on his enormous bulbous head while her colleague digs deep into the wrinkles of his sacks. He eyes the kneeling assistants and taps his shoes. The women quickly understand his request and hike up their skirts into bundles around their waists with their legs spread. They take off their underwear and expose their sobbing cunts. They shine the tips of his black leather Oxford shoes with their wet labia while pressing their heavy bosom against his legs and working on his genitals.

After he has settled in comfortably, Veronica hands him a tablet displaying his contract with the firms. Then, she bends over to highlight the deep v-neck of her blazer; her melons strain against the fabric, threatening to burst the blazer. As she explains the contract, her forefinger guides his gaze to the documents which seem awfully dull to him.

His eyes darken and he smirks. His hand slips inside her blazer and grabs her tit, squeezing her nipple through her thin blouse. “Don’t use your finger.”

Veronica gasps at the unexpected request, but quickly reverts to her cheerful demeanor. After all, customers are always right. She pops her braless breasts out of her blouse and holds them like pens on the tablet, with her erect nipples acting as pointers. She tries her best to maintain her professionalism, but her hardened nipples betray her calm demeanor. Her horny fluid starts to pool on the tiles beneath her. “Do you have any questions, sir?”

He grins from ear to ear and caresses her knee. His index finger runs upward along her right inner thigh, sending goosebumps along the way as he gathers her nectar. She trembles underneath his touch, waiting on tenterhooks for him to reach her drooling well which never comes. Instead, he stops right before the gate and displays his slick finger in front of her, much to her frustration. “Even panties can’t soak all of your cunt juice, slut?”

Veronica’s pupils dilate. She beams with pride. “Isn’t that what you love about me, sir?”

He snorts, wiping his finger on her bare breast and reminding her of her place—a tool serving his needs.

“If you’re satisfied, please sign at the bottom,” Veronica said, leaning down further, her tits now covering the tablet.

He smirks and nods; his manhood has reached its full potential. One of the assistants fetches and lubes a silicone vaginal to scan his cock while the other prepares the ink for both physical and digital contracts. He sighs, watching the silicone vagina envelop his rod and glow white for the digital contract. Then, an assistant removes the scanner and carefully brushes red ink on his fat crown. The tingling sensation sends his heartbeats through the roof, white precum leaking out of the slit. Both assistants handle his manhood like a precious jewel, gently pressing his crown on the stack of paper. A drop of glistening white lands squarely in the middle of his red signatures. After scanning over the document, they plant soft kisses on his shaft to thank his prick for its labor.

Veronica accepts the papers and hands him a handheld scanner—an improved version of the supermarket bar code scanners. The process of signing for women is a bit more complicated. But she fully intends to take advantage and give him a good show.

She bends down in front of him, squeezing her boobs against each other, twirling them around in a wild dance; her hands sensually guide the scanner on each of her nipples and areolas and let the green light work its magic. Then, she slips out of her skirt and panties, climbs on his sofa, and straddles his lap. Her hips frantically bounce up and down, splattering love juice on his rock-hard cock while hovering the scanner along her wet slit. One assistant hands him a bottle of red ink and a brush when Veronica presents her boobs with a coy smile. “Would you be so kind, sir?”

He smirks and colors as slowly as he can, twirling the tip of the brush around her hardened nipples and areolas. As Veronica bends over her desk to sign the paperwork with her tits, he stands up. The tip of the brush in his hand teases her clit which is already swollen and twitching nonstop. To keep her on edge, the brush moves down and trails along her outer labia at a torturously slow pace.

When he’s done covering her in red ink, she has become a breathless mess. He smashes the corner of the paper against her snatch. A jet of juice hits the papers and blurs the red impression of her snatch. Grinning gleefully, he quickly tosses the paperwork aside and rams balls deep inside her twat, taking her surprise gasp as a compliment.

The assistants unbutton their blouses and prop their tits up with their hands, their tongues hanging in the air. They kneel on either side of the copulating pair, ready to catch the nectar splattering from the lovemaking. Their eyes get a close-up of his sacks slapping Veronica’s swollen clit; drool dripping down their chins from sheer hunger; fantasies of taking Veronica’s place fill their minds and soil their secret gardens.

He grabs Veronica’s hips and slams violently from behind and she could do nothing but hold on for dear life. His spear pierces her fleshy canal; his hand slams her down on the desk, smashing her tits against the flat surface. Suddenly, he pauses thrusting, eliciting a weak whimper from Veronica. Grabbing her hips, he draws circles on the mahogany desk with her nipples, relishing her helplessness against his will. She is no better than a toy for his amusement. Once he resumes his assault from behind, her moans grow louder and louder. Soon enough, she’s screaming her lungs out, thrusts back, and squirts all over his crotch, but he isn’t done yet. His large palm viciously smacks her rear end. A loud smack accompanied by shooting pain punctuates each word. “Did. I. Let. You. Cum?”

“No … no … sir.” Veronica croaks, gripping the edge of her desk, and bracing herself. “S-sorry, sir.”

“Useless slut!” he roars, plowing deep inside her. His palms thrash her bottom until it adopts a dark shade of red. He shoves her harshly against the table and glares at the assistants. “Line up!”

The assistants’ eyes light up like Christmas morning as they take their place on either side of their boss, hiking up their skirts to present their round rumps and hungry nether mouths.

He sneers at their eagerness and starts pummeling the girl on Veronica’s left.

She screams in delight, “Thank you for choosing my worthless cunt, sir!”

Veronica and the other assistant are positively green with envy, gnawing at their own lips. He smirks at their frustration and orders. “Spread your pussies.”

“Yes, sir.” They part their inner labia with both hands. Their drooling holes are gaping, pulsing in anticipation.

He licks his lips at the sight of them eagerly waiting—all for him while he plows the girl beneath him with all his might. He revels in the others’ lustful gazes at his rough treatment of their colleague as the girl squeezing his manhood cries, “Sir, please … let me … let me come!”

“Good slut! Cum!” He grins, sensing her canal trembling, a fountain of juice gushing out of her pussy lips.

“Thank … thank you, sir,” she mumbles breathlessly, her eyes unfocused.

But he isn’t nearly done. He pulls his rock-hard member out and glances at Veronica; her eyes lit up like two full moons in the midnight sky. With twisted glee, he cruelly walks past her and slowly inserts his cock into the other assistant on her right.

“Thank you, sir. You honor this slut with your glorious sword.” The girl almost faints from overwhelming joy.

He takes a more leisurely pace this time, casually sawing her in half, reaching the deepest part of her vagina, and pulling out almost completely while giving her a few spanks here and there. The sudden and randomness of his smack always catches her off guard. She gasps and wrings his shaft like one would a wet towel.

His slow pace is torturous to Veronica. She bites her lips and looks at him with pitiful eyes. “Please let this worthless cunt borrow your fingers, sir.”

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. He smirks and jams his index finger in Veronica’s soaking-wet slit. “You want to fuck, do it yourself.”

Veronica’s teeth sink further into her lips, but she has no choice. She starts to thrust back and stir her hole around his beefy finger to get any sort of relief while her fingers still part her pussy. “Thank you, sir. This cunt is grateful.”

He decides to reward her honesty by curling up his digit and hitting her sensitive spot.

“Thank … you, sir.” She’s panting heavily and thrust back rapidly; her mouth agape, trembling with pleasure. “Sir, please … may … I?”

“Not yet.” He grins wolfishly, dispensing his perverted brand of punishment. Veronica freezes immediately. He can feel her disappointed fleshy canal throbbing against his finger. Ignoring her, he places one foot on the desk and pounds her assistant rapidly until the girl’s drooling on the mahogany desk with her tongue sticking out. He roars, “Cum, filthy slut!”

Her mind goes blank; her inner wall convulses violently around his manhood like a mad belly dancer. Slumping on the desk and drained of her strength, she mutters quietly, “Thank … you … sir.”

He withdraws his finger from Veronica’s tight ring and pushes his length deep inside her. But he pulls out as quickly as he inserts, leaving her confused and boiling with lust.

Veronica asks, “Sir?”

“You think your cunt deserves my cock?” He sneers, ramming his meaty pole into the girl on Veronica’s left.

“No-no, sir.” Veronica’s eyes widen; her voice shakes at the implication.

“Your hole is only my wet wipe. Know your place.”

“My deepest apologies, sir. Please use me however you like.” Veronica’s heart is gripped with fear. She spreads her folds even wider, hoping to entice his manhood.

Ignoring Veronica, he plunges inside the assistant about ten times and pulls out. Then, he sheaths his sword deep inside Veronica’s weeping canal in one thrust, reminding her what she’s missing out on, cruelly moves on to the assistant’s on her right, and repeats the process.

He hammers about ten times in an assistant’s pussy; each time he finishes with her hole, he wipes his cock clean with Veronica’s cunt in one deep impale. After his third round, Veronica’s a whimpering mess, from want and lust. The apple’s now ripe for picking.

He smirks and inserts balls deep inside Veronica. Staying still, he asks, “What did you do wrong?”

Veronica wails, “This worthless slut exists to please your mighty cock, not the other way around. This lowly cunt forgot that her sole purpose was to bring pleasure to men. This unworthy, selfish hole does not deserve to serve you, sir.”

“Well said.” He grins and inserts four fingers into each assistant’s hole. “You sluts can come.”

“Thank you, sir,” all three say in unison and begin thrusting back onto his fingers and cock. If they want pleasure, they have to work for it. Soon enough, their minds go collectively blank, their throats raw from screaming.

Watching three gushing pussies explode at the same time is the last push he needs to reach the top. His heavy sacks contract as he sprays hot, sticky semen equally on each of their vulvas; the sheer volume is enough to cover their nether regions in his white. Their crimson petals close and open rapidly as if they try to suck up his milky cream. He rewards their enthusiasm with a few quick smacks on their pussies; their surprised gasps fill the air.

After each smack has landed, each woman jiggles their ass and thanks him in a lusty dance.

Then, he picks up their panties and shoves them inside their cunts, watching the fabric protruding from their pussies like lacy tails with twisted glee. Finally, he takes a picture of the three lying helplessly on the desk for his social media. For Veronica, after she has cleaned his rod, he lets her take a selfie with his spent cock on her face. Soon enough, it will be framed and hung on the office’s wall of honor as proof of another satisfied client.

“Thank you for your business, sir,” the women huskily said together, still lying on the desk with their twats in the air and tearing up from the aftereffects; they are afraid to move as their legs have become rubbery and useless.

Maybe he would leave his cock and balls hanging out for the rest of the day. Free the cocks movement is trending, after all.


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