Soccer in a Man’s World: Men vs Women Chapter 0

Every four years, the Champions Cup—a ceremonial match between the reigning Men’s and Women’s World Cup champions—is held to showcase the men’s complete dominance over the women, with rules heavily favoring the men’s team.

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Introduction to a Man’s World

In the year 20XX, a strain of virus devastates half of the population and changes human genomes forever. The fertility rate drops in half. The female population outnumbers men by a factor of three. At birth, female babies outnumber male babies by a factor of five. On the other hand, the emerging male population is a perfect specimen of good-looks and virility.

To recover the world population, drastic measures are implemented. Babies, from the moment they are born, are separated from their parents, raised, and completely sponsored by government-appointed institutions in secluded areas in order for the adults to focus on reproduction.

The scarcity and importance of the male population skyrocket men into first-class citizens and laws are changed to reflect that standard. All sexual crimes against women are abolished and polygamy is the norm. All contraception methods are banned.

To increase the copulation rate, Morality Laws have come into effect. Women are banned from wearing pants and shorts for ease of public intercourse. In the summer or when the temperature reaches a certain threshold, women must wear short skirts or dresses no longer than their buttocks. Cleanly shaven from the neck down and wearing panties are compulsory for women in public. Violating the Morality Laws will be severely punished.

The fingerprint recognition system is deemed archaic and replaced by the genital prints recognition system that is linked to every facet of a person’s life. Paying and authorizing by scanning the genitals has become increasingly popular. Genitals prints have replaced handwritten signatures and fingerprints.

As time goes by, an abundance of new customs and etiquettes seeks to empower and glorify men. Obeying and serving men are women’s sole purpose and greatest honor in life.


Introduction to Soccer in a Man’s World

Every four years, the Champions Cup—a ceremonial match between the reigning Men’s and Women’s World Cup champions—is held to showcase the men’s complete dominance over the women, with rules heavily favoring the men’s team. The match lasts sixty minutes, with two thirty-minute halves and a fifteen-minute break instead of the usual ninety-minute match due to the difference in strength between masculinity and femininity. And no extra minutes means no injury times or stoppage time added. The match ends at the sixty-minute mark on the dot. No female team in history has ever won a match or scored a goal, including scoring penalties against their male counterparts.

For the sole purpose of degrading the female players, special kits and regulations are installed. All referees participating must be men. Men, including the referees, wear shorts with open air holes which encourage the players to display their genitals. Women wear skin-tight jerseys with short pleated skirts that barely cover their buttocks. Underwear is also strictly regulated. Women are not allowed bras and must only wear skimpy thongs. Regardless of the type, all thongs must be wedged deep between the female players’ labia so that their outer labia are visible under their skirts. On the contrary, no imposition is placed on the men’s underwear. Most players would prefer to forgo all undergarments altogether. Due to these special circumstances, the Champions Cup is held at the end of the summer.

While both men and women are subjected to the referee’s reprimand, the punishment is different. Men face little to no repercussions, while women suffer harsh and humiliating punishments.

The specialized punishment for the losing team depends on the goal difference, which is calculated as the number of goals scored minus the number of goals conceded. In case of a draw, the women’s team receives the punishment on par with losing one-nil (1-0).

The ceremonial match is a spectacle designed to humiliate the best female athletes in the world of association football and emphasize the feeble strength of the female population. As the most popular sport in the world, the ceremonial soccer match attracts views in the billions from all over the world, with fans pleasuring themselves alongside their favorite players.



A football pitch is a soccer field.

Forwards (or attackers) play further up the pitch than midfielders and defenders. Forwards include strikers, center-forward, wingers (left-wing and right-wing), etc.

Midfielders play in the middle of the field.

Defenders stop attacks and prevent opposition from scoring, which include center-backs, full-backs (left-back and right-back), defensive midfielders, sweepers, and wing-backs.

Goalie or goalkeeper guards the goals.

Managers are similar to coaches.


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