An Unlucky Patient in a Man’s World: Chapter 3

After a mishap during an internet challenge, Judy finds herself falling further and further into the grasp of one devious Dr. Andrew Dickens.

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Chapter 3

Judy is sitting at her desk, barely focusing on her work or her surroundings as the periodic vibration proves to be a painful tease. It creates itches on the inside that she can’t scratch. And when it vibrates, the itches only get worse. In addition, her mouth is filled with the salty and bitter taste of urine. The rancid stench sears into her brain for eternity.

The blaring ringing of her phone jolts her out of her daze. As soon as she sees the doctor’s name on the video call, she scrambles to put on her earpieces. The screen soon reveals a well-dressed doctor; only the slight bobbing of his white lab coat and slurping sounds allude to otherwise.

“Hello, ma’am. You may remove the bandage and open your mouth.”

She complies, showing him the stinky, crumpled panties in her mouth.

Satisfied with the result, he smirks. “You may remove your underwear. Pour a mug of water and keep yourself hydrated.”

“Thank you, sir.” Although her mouth will still only taste piss, she’s glad to have anything other than urine. However, when she glances at her mug, she hesitates. “Sir … I don’t think I can finish a whole mug.”

She hates the taste of plain water and often opts for the more flavorful coffee and fruit juices.

He frowns. “How much water do you drink every day?”

“Sorry, sir,” she says, her eyes downcast, her hands rubbing together.

He grins wildly, baring his fangs. “Don’t worry, ma’am. It’s a common problem and we’ve discovered an effective method for our female patients. Is there a man around you, ma’am?”

“Yes, sir.” She glances at a male colleague sitting in the next cubicle.

“You don’t like water because of the lack of taste. Correct?”

“Yes, sir.”

“We find female patients respond well to the musk and taste of a man’s penis. Now do exactly as I tell you.”

She blushes, her heart racing, her breathing ragged with a wild imagination of what is to come.


Judy approaches her male colleague sitting in his cubicle from behind with a mug of water in her hands. “David, can you do me a favor?”

“Sure, what is it?” David swirls his chair around and flashes her a warm smile.

She doesn’t dare to look him in the eyes, her focus completely on his crotch, and the doctor’s instructions whispering in her ears via her earpieces. “Can you bless my water with your cock?”

“Come again?” David arches his eyebrows, befuddled.

She swallows a lump in her throat and babbles. “Please put your cock in my mug. I can’t drink water without a man’s cock.”

“Is that so?” David grins ear to ear and spreads his legs. “Poor thing. Go ahead.”

A warm blush graces her cheeks and seeps into her loins. She kneels in front of him, releases his prick from his pants, and places his flaccid shaft in the mug. Her gaze fixates on the water rising and spilling on the floor under the weight of his heavy rod.

“Give your mug a good stir.” David smirks, enjoying himself.

She nods, gently holds the base of his member, and stirs the water like a spoon. Her cheeks are burning with equal part shame and equal part titillation. Then, she presses her nose against his warm, soft prick and sips the water. His musk pierces her nostrils and soon, she finds herself gulping down the liquid like some sort of delicious nectar.

David, pleased by her enthusiasm, refills the mug to the brim. Only after she has finished an entire water bottle does he stop.

“Thank you, David.” She sits back on her heels with an empty mug and a bulging belly.

“You’re welcome. Feel free to ask me next time.”

In no time, Judy has developed a taste for peculiar drinking habits. Sometimes, she would wait for a male colleague during his copulation with other female colleagues to receive his slick, hardened cock in her mug. If she is lucky, she can catch his cum to further flavor her water. Other times, she would wait outside of the male restrooms or ask a man to stir her mug right after he urinated inside her throat. The various scents of penises give her untold satisfaction and pleasure.

Her habits quickly spread throughout the office and subsequently, become standard practices for female employees. Unbeknownst to her, her action today would soon spark a worldwide campaign.


On Thursday, she arrives at the free clinic and receives a vibrator with her waiting number in her rectum instead of her vagina. Then, a nurse cruelly pulls the vibrator out and ushers her into an examination room. However, this time her doctor isn’t waiting patiently for her.

Her jaw drops to the floor upon seeing his enormous manhood hammering a nurse on the examination table. Although Dr. Andrew Dickens is impeccably dressed as always, his fully clothed body further adds to the naughtiness.

Panting heavily, the nurse wails and claws his back. “You’re killing me, sir! So deep! Oh my god! Yes! Yes! Thank you, sir! Thank you so much, sir! Your cock is so thick! Shit! Ah!”

A burning sensation engulfs her groin. Juice pours from her canal and seeps through the leather straps of her chastity belt.

Catching the sight of her, the doctor sneers. “Turn around. My cock isn’t for a dirty cunt like you.”

“S-sorry, sir!” She blushes, facing the wall as the erotic moans taunt her ears. Her loins are weeping desperately for a release she can’t have. Not long after, he groans and the sounds of rustling clothes soon follow.

“Thank you, doctor.” The nurse walks past her and flashes a smug smile at her suffering while wearing his milky semen proudly on her face.

“Legs on the stirrups, ma’am.” He impatiently taps the examination table, annoyed.

“Sorry, sir.” The sight of his impressive manhood has been forever carved into her mind. She makes her way over and asks before lying down. “Do you need to take a leak, sir?”

He glares daggers at her. “Just because your mouth is available doesn’t mean you get to drink from my cock.

“S-s-sorry, sir.” She blushes, her obvious plan uncovered.

Unceremoniously, he removes her chastity belt and smacks her puffy labia together with her swollen clit. She hollers and squirts onto his hand with tears brimming her eyes, but he doesn’t stop until her nether regions adopt a dark shade of red. He scoffs and begins examination while ignoring her sobbing. “Now, you’re sorry.”

After that day, she finds herself obsessed with his cock. Her mind keeps replaying the majestic images of his penis sawing another woman’s pussy in half, even when she’s sucking another man’s dick. For the whole week leading up to her next appointment, she’s consumed by a fiery yearning for his magnificent sword.

However, no matter how hard she begs, he would never allow her so much as a glimpse of his manhood. Instead, he would spank her bottom and smack her vulva until she is swollen and squirting uncontrollably.

On their last appointment, she desperately grovels at his feet and pleads to be his slave just for a chance to serve his cock, but his reaction catches her off guard. Sitting on a chair, he sneers and presses the sole of his shoes on her head. “I have twenty two wives and more than three dozen whores to entertain me. Why would I need a dirty slave like you?”

With her face squished on the cold tiles, she says with a muffled and distorted voice, “I’ve been so good the whole month, sir. I’ve done everything you told me to, sir. Please give me a chance.”

“A chance?”

“Yes, sir. Just a chance.”

He lifts her chin with the tip of his leather shoes. “Alright, you can prove yourself by being my chastity whore.”

She perks up. “Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!”

“You’ll wear this same chastity belt. Remember, I don’t fuck my chastity whores. You whores are for my entertainment only. My cock is a privilege you don’t deserve.”

“Yes, sir.” She faintly smiles to hide her fleeting disappointment.

“You will have a framed photo of my cock above your bed. Every morning as soon as you wake up, you will kiss the photo and profess your love for my cock. You will do the same before bed. Every day, you’ll be given a list of tasks to complete. You’ll film the process and send it to me. If I find your performance unsatisfactory, you’ll be punished during the weekends.”

“Yes, sir.”

“On the weekends, you’ll live at my place and compete with other whores to receive my cum. If you’re lucky enough and get pregnant, I’ll marry you.”

“Yes, sir. I’m honored, sir.”

Dr. Andrew Dickens has made a vow in his youth to only marry pregnant whores who carry his children. He wouldn’t tolerate another man’s offspring inside his wives. He grins and strokes her head with the grubby sole of his shoes. “Good whore.”


Her day begins with kissing the photo of his majestic penis. She smiles at the pinhole spy camera in the frame. “Sir, thank you for allowing this worthless cunt to worship your cock. This cunt is humbled by the sight of your magnificent sword. Please bless this worthless cunt throughout the day.”

Then, she opens her phone and reads the tasks she has to complete. Her tasks today are simple. First is that she has to ask ten men to whack her face with their rock-hard cocks. And the second task is that she has to ask ten other men to kick her cunt. Both tasks must be completed in public.

The male colleagues in her office are too used to her weird requests by now, she would get it done in no time. But her small office doesn’t have enough men for her to complete both tasks. She puts on a short dress and opts for the park to catch some early-morning joggers.

She sits down on a bench on a busy road, lifts the hem of her dress, and holds her thighs apart. She yells at every male jogger coming across her. “Please kick my cunt.”

And unsurprisingly, most men stop and reward her nether regions with their swift kicks. She only needs ten men, but the crowd quickly grows into a squad of thirty. All of them are eager to abuse her covered crotch with their feet. By the time they disperse, she has lost count of their kicks and her orgasms. Her loins are on fire and bruised but sated.


She arrives at his mansion first thing every Saturday. She, along with three dozen chastity whores like her, strips naked and wears a collar with a number on it. In his mansion, only his wives are allowed clothes. True to his words, he never has sex with any of the whores. If they beg, they’ll be punished. Instead, they watch his wives writhe beneath his chiseled body, then orgasm again and again on his magnificent cock.

On a beautiful sunny day, they would compete outside in front of him and his wives. The competition can be wrestling another whore while covered in oil to see who can hold her orgasm best. It can be individual matches or tag teams. Another time, the competition may be a tug of war with dildos connecting via ropes. The last one with the dildo remaining in her pussy will win the competition. As a reward, the final champion would receive his precious semen.

While his whores are competing, he would line up his wives. He would thrust inside each twat once before moving on to the next wife. Then, he would repeat the cycle until a lucky wife is blessed with his come.

When the competition concludes, the champion of his whores would lie on her back and hold her thighs against her torso with her buttocks up in the air. Her moist and puffy cunt would be presenting for all to see. Then, the wives who have received his sperm would straddle the champion and pour the leftover cum in her vagina. The wives would glide their wet labia and swollen clits on the champion’s cunt until they squirt on her face.

Although he lives in a modern mansion with dozens of bedrooms, his whores would be crowding together in one room. They would be sleeping naked on their sides with their tits pressing against someone else’s back. Each girl would put at least three fingers inside the girl in front of her, but they are not allowed to move.

His whores would use the same communal bathroom with squatting toilets. They would be squatting down and staring at each other nether regions as they evacuate their bowels.

Fortunately for his champion, she would be sleeping in the same bedroom with him and his wives. His favorite wives of the day would be sharing his bed while the rest share the carpet floor, with one exception. Throughout the night, a wife would be awake between his legs. She would kiss his cock, balls, and asshole nonstop for an hour. Then, she would wake another wife to take her place. In the morning, his champion would have the honor of drinking from his cock. If she is lucky, she may get some cum to warm her twat.


Eight months later, Judy’s round and heavy with child. In the Church of Holy Cock, she, along with two other girls, in the late stages of pregnancies, is getting married to the man of their dreams. They wear sheer, scantily clad white gowns with their tits and pussies completely exposed. Under a giant marble statue of a veiny penis, they kneel and say their vows to their dashing husband and his magnificent cock. The priest, with his prick serviced by the bridesmaids, announces the validity of their marriage. In attendance are his wives and envious chastity whores.

Bending over with the other newlywed girls, she watches their faces contort with immense delight as their husband enters them for the first time. Their moans and lustful squeals pierce her ears and inflame her loins. Finally, her time comes when an unbelievably thick cock splits her in half and pounds her uterus. Her brain fails to string two words together as her mouth spews meaningless sounds, but one thing etches in her mind—clenching her walls as tight as possible. Only one girl may receive his precious semen during the ceremony, and she would kill to have that privilege.

And her tactic works when he grunts loudly, his balls contracting. Soon, a torrent of white floods her tender passage and brings her to the most intense orgasm she has ever experienced. He smirks and remains inside her until his cock stops twitching. The envious wives next to her drop down on their knees and lap up the semen flowing freely out of her vulva.

He moves to her front, allowing the audience to gawk at her gaping pink hole—disfigured by his enormous shaft. Without prompting, she sucks his cock clean. “Thank you for cumming inside me, husband.”

“Good cunt.” He grins, stroking her hair. Then, he places his large mushroom tip on her forehead and unleashes his bladder. A stream of yellow rushes down her hair and face, ruining her makeup.

“Thank you for showering me, dear.” She nuzzles against his leaky slit, floating on the clouds. It is the happiest moment of her life.

(The end)

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